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Who were your idols growing up, who did you look up to?Dan: The show that I watched growing up, because I lived on a farm so we only had an antenna and I didnt have TSN, was Sportsline with Jim Tatti and Mark Hebscher. It was the go-to highlight show, 11 oclock every single night of the week. That was the show. Jim Tatti, I was very happy to become friends with while working at TSN and I even stole his "YES GUY," to phrase and he let me use it, so...Are you using the "YES GUY" down in Los Angeles?Dan: I do it the odd time… no one knows where it came from, but I just love saying it because that was part of my growing up. And part of watching sports was Tatti doing "YES GUY" and Mark Hebscher with "The Hebsys" ... so ya, thats what I grew up watching. Jay was out west so his was different I think...Jay: Ya, mine was Darren Dutchyshen. Dutchy hosted a very similar type show to Sportsline out in Edmonton before he came to TSN so, Dutchy was my hero. So then to get to come to TSN to get to work with him was pretty neat. And then another one that I know Dan and I both look up to still to this day is Rod Smith. Were just both such huge Rod Smith fans. Hes such a classy, awesome guy and hes so great at his job. Hes the kind of person who we should all try to be a little bit more like I think.Well, Rod Smith is the host of the CFL on TSN now… do you guys miss the CFL? Do you get to watch it down in LA?Dan: We actually do watch it and our producers think were joking when we say "Hey, are we going to get these Argos-Alouettes highlights into the show," and they laugh and carry on and we look at them with a blank stare… and they dont see that we arent joking. Because we love the CFL, its a pass-happy league!Jay: We work with Donovan McNabb on our new show and weve been trying to convince him to go try out for the Alouettes quarterback job, but hes been reluctant to do so as of this point.You guys are pretty big stars these days yourselves… what was the experience like doing a cameo on Corner Gas - and if you could choose any television show to make a cameo appearance on, what show would you choose?Dan: First part of that question, Corner Gas was an absolute thrill. We brought it up on our podcast saying, "Hey, people, wed love to be in the Corner Gas movie - go bother Brent Butt". And you know what, they did, and he sent us an e-mail and we got to say a line each. I love Corner Gas; its a Canadian staple. Dan: As far as a guest appearance on any show HANDS DOWN The Simpsons... and its a Fox show, so to see ourselves animated or to hear our voices on The Simpsons would be, would be… Id be able to die happy.Jay: And for me, Fargo, another Fox show. On season one Key and Peele played police detectives on it, which I thought was really funny. So I thought with season two maybe Dan and I could play police detectives as well.Speaking of Corner Gas, or just Canadian legends in general, who is each of your favourite stars on the Jay and Dan Canadian Wall of Fame?Dan: That is a very good question! Umm… Im going to go with Leslie Nielsen.Jay: Ya, Im going to go with umm… wow, such a good question. Im gonna go with Rick Moranis because I think hes so underrated and underappreciated in the annals of Canadian comedy, so ya… Ill go with Moranis.Both great choices - I myself am a big Jason Priestly fan; I loved the 90210 growing up...Dan: Heres a little tidbit, so we taped a segment, Jason Priestly has a travel and wine show that he does, and he had us on to talk about wine and travel… which we know nothing about either one. Anyways, we got his contact info and I said Id love to get into wine, so about three times a week I get e-mails from Jason Priestly saying "heres a wine thats on sale right now, you should get a box of it," so Jason Priestly send me wine recommendations on a weekly basis.Wow! Look at that! What do you miss about Canada most?Dan: Tim Hortons, the CFL, TSN… and then about 12th on the list I guess my family. I guess Im supposed to say that probably, right?Jay: I missed that question!Dan: What do you miss about Canada the most?Jay: Oh... well, I think just the people. Yknow, we just miss Canadians; were a good bunch. Oh and also, I miss the CBC... just kidding its useless.With the NFL season starting next week, Im sure youll have a full schedule ahead of you - have you missed the days of leading the show with 25 minutes of straight hockey highlights?Dan: We actually do, because when we left TSN our last show was about 25 to 30 minutes of solid hockey highlights, and down in the states, I always tell this story about some nights well lead with a college basketball or college football game in which never in 100 years at TSN would we ever show one second of… unless someone died on the field or the court. Its completely different, so yes, we do miss doing that much hockey, but strangely enough we become better broadcasters because we have to get into all the college sports, which we were fans of while in Canada, but weve become much bigger fans of down in the states because we have a lot of college sports on Fox Sports 1.Sticking with hockey, who are you each picking to win the Stanley Cup this upcoming season?Jay: Im going to go with an out of left field pick, Im gonna go with the Dallas Stars. I like what they did in the offseason; theyve got good goaltending… Im just going to go with Dallas, a random pick there.Dan: Im going with the Pittsburgh Penguins, because Sidney Crosby we found out is a fan of the podcast! We found that out this summer, and hes also my favourite hockey player. So, Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins!Nice pick, good Canadian boy Crosby is… what was the biggest challenge moving from TSN SportsCentre to Fox Sports 1?Dan: The biggest challenge was getting used to all of the sunshine and hanging out on the beach.Sounds tough.Dan: My Irish complexion took a beating my first few months, so Ive become accustomed to just putting on sunscreen, literally as soon as I wake up and then youre set for the rest of the day. I guess if thats my biggest problem, I guess lifes okay.Jay: And dealing with everyone being nice all the time because theres 300 days of sunshine… we need a bit more misery in our lives I think.You might need some cold slush to cheer you up... when its all said and done, what do you want the Jay and Dan legacy to be?Dan: Jay and Dan legacy, I want us to make people smile when they think of our names… does that sound corny?Jay: I want us to be known as the two who made it okay to marry another man that you love and that you work with.Well, I think its okay. I think you two can marry each other if youd like… speaking of Jay and Dan marriage, I hear one of the dudes from One Directions Mom is named Jay, and shes marrying a guy named Dan? And apparently theres some funny social media happenings going around with that...Dan: Thats right, if you do a Jay and Dan wedding search its all over the place, but sadly its not us. So ya, its really messed up our Google searches so thanks a lot One Direction!Jay: Ya! Thanks a lot Harry Styles, you big haired @$$h01e! What a jerk! If Hollywood made a movie about your lives, who would play Jay, and who would play Dan?Dan: First off that would be a horrible movie, just a lot of me sitting around and trying to tame two children. Umm… to play me could we get umm, we could get Adam from Workaholics maybe?Okay, I like that choice.Dan: Or, the guy from the original British office, who was also in The Hobbit… people say he looks like me.Jay: Martin Freeman.Dan: Martin Freeman! So we can either go with Adam or Martin Freeman for me, and I think its a given who plays Jay.Jim Parsons?Jay: Ben Mulroney! Ben Mulroney will play me, the host of etalk on CTV, Canadas number one morning show. Ben Mulroney as Jay Onrait in Irrelevant: The Jay and Dan Story.I think we can probably make that happen...Dan: Lets do it! Lets get a Kickstarter started.Its been fantastic chatting with you both!Jay: Oh… can we put in a quick plug for the Canadian Cancer Societys Million Dollar Hockey Pool, because thats why were back in Toronto today.Absolutely! I hear youre going streaking… whats that all about?Dan: Yes! So what you do… its easy, its the easiest hockey pool ever! You dont have to know any players, you just have to know how to click on a mouse and pick a team to win. So you pick a team, one team, to win every single day and whoever puts together a great streak has a chance to win a million bucks. And then, okay, you say "well Im not going to win that million, so why should I even go into it?" Well, heres why, because there are monthly prizes! There are weekly prizes! You can win a trip to LA to see Jay and I; well give you a tour of the Fox lot. You can go to a Leafs game in a box with Doug Gilmore or you can go to a Sens game with Brad Marsh! Ah, there are too many prizes for me to list! But its only fifty bucks. Its fifty bucks, you join up and youre in for the entire season, and you get to raise money for cancer research and cancer victims. So if you every thought, I dont give enough to charity, heres your way of doing it while also having fun!Click here to learn more about the Canadian Cancer Societys Million Dollar Hockey Pool. Discount Nike Air Max 270 .com) - The red-hot Los Angeles Kings take aim at an eighth straight victory on Monday night as they wrap up a road trip versus the Calgary Flames. Nike Air Max 270 For Sale . The Incheon-based tea, of the Korea Baseball Organization said the deal for the 35-year-old Scott included a $50,000 signing bonus. Scott reached the major leagues with Houston in 2005 and hit 23 homers or more for Baltimore each year from 2008-10. http://www.cheapnikeairmax270.com/ . He wants to seize that opportunity. The trouble is, Firus has had more bumps on the road to Sochi than most. Last year, Firus had the skate of a lifetime in the short program at the Canadian championships when he landed his first triple Axel in competition and finished third in a stacked field. Cheap Nike Air Max 270 . Ronaldo netted his 14th goal of the season in Europes top competition to give Madrid a clear advantage ahead of next weeks quarterfinal return leg in Germany. But it came at a price as the Portugal forward, who came into the first-leg nursing a sore left knee, came off in the 80th minute. Nike Air Max 270 For Sale Cheap . 1 goaltender tonight when they conclude a four-game road trip versus the Winnipeg Jets. NEW YORK -- Rather than ban home plate collisions outright, Major League Baseball and its players adopted a rule limiting them this season. In what both sides said was a one-year experiment, the rule allows collisions if the catcher has the ball and is blocking the runners direct path to home plate, and if the catcher goes into the basepath to field a throw to the plate. "Its not a radical departure from what it had been," Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon said. The new rule, 7.13, states "a runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate)." A runner violating the rule shall be declared out, even if the fielder drops the ball. "Its good, I think it takes away the malicious intent behind the play at the plate," Texas Rangers catcher J.P. Arencibia said. "Obviously the runner doesnt always have to slide, and the catcher still has the ability to block the plate once he has the ball in hand." Along with the rule, the sides agreed to a pair of comments umpires use for interpretation. The first comment says "the failure by the runner to make an effort to touch the plate, the runners lowering of the shoulder, or the runners pushing through with his hands, elbows or arms, would support a determination that the runner deviated from the pathway in order to initiate contact with the catcher in violation." The comment says players who slide appropriately are not in violation of the rule. The second comment says that "unless the catcher is in possession of the ball, the catcher cannot block the pathway of the runner as he is attempting to score." The runner shall be declared safe if the catcher violates that provision.dddddddddddd In addition, it is not a violation "if the catcher blocks the pathway of the runner in order to field a throw, and the umpire determines that the catcher could not have fielded the ball without blocking the pathway of the runner and that contact with the runner was unavoidable." "There are some things that often times can make the water a little muddy," union head Tony Clark said after meeting with the New York Yankees. "Over the course of the off-season, the concern was protecting players, but trying to draw up something that not only made sense on paper, but also was going to make sense to the players that were playing on the field." The umpire crew chief can use the new video-review system to determine whether the rule was violated. "It stops guys just going out of their way just to try to dislodge the baseball when they (catchers) have the plate," Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington said. Debate over plate collisions has intensified since May 2011, when San Franciscos Buster Posey was injured as the Marlins Scott Cousins crashed into him at the plate. Posey, an All-Star catcher, sustained a broken bone in his lower left leg and three torn ligaments in his ankle, an injury that ended his season. In Game 5 of last years AL championship series, Detroit backstop Alex Avila was pulled a couple of innings after being run over at the plate by Bostons David Ross, a fellow catcher. "I think its fair. A runners path is to home plate," Oakland catcher Derek Norris said. "Any deviation and hes not trying to score, hes trying to harm. A runner going out of the basepath trying to break up a double play is declared out. This is the same concept as a double-play slide." ' ' '

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