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By Christopher Guly

OTTAWA, April 20 (Xinhua) -- While exploratory talks on aCanada-China free-trade deal are set to resume next week here Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , theCanadian Cabinet minister in charge of the trade file will be inChina hoping to expand demand for a key Canadian export.

Currently, the largest market for Canadian softwood lumber isthe United States. But Canada and the U.S. have been locked in adecades-long trade dispute over the wood, which could intensifynext week when the U.S. Commerce Department is expected to announcewhether it will impose a countervailing duty on Canadian softwoodlumber imports.

"Diversification is part of the solution to that," CanadianInternational Trade Minister Fran?ois-Philippe Champagne toldXinhua in an interview here Thursday. "My role as chief marketingofficer of Canada is to make sure the forestry industry throughoutCanada is healthy."

In his view Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , there is a significant market opportunity forsoftwood lumber in China, the second-largest importer of theCanadian wood behind the U.S., which accounts for 78 percent ofCanadian exports compared to China's 13 percent share, according toCanadian government figures.

Champagne Wholesale Jerseys From China , a 46-year-old lawyer and international tradespecialist from the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebecprior to entering politics in 2015, is leading a Canadian businessdelegation that will pitch Canadian softwood lumber as a must-have,environmentally friendly product during his first official visit toChina that begins on Friday.

"I want to make sure that our Chinese friends understand thatsoftwood lumber is a reliable, eco-friendly source of building newhouses in China Wholesale Jerseys China ," he said. "There are a lot of people in the middleclass there that are looking to move to cities, and my message tothem is that wood is in vogue in Canada."

Champagne explained that he hopes Canadian softwood lumber canbe part of China's "toolkit" to support the country'sclimate-change strategy and "promote environmentally friendlyconstruction."

Appointed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Cabinet just fourmonths ago, the International Trade Minister will visit fourChinese cities - Shanghai, Chongquing Wholesale Jerseys , Zhengzhou and Beijing - andwill meet with several senior government officials, includingChinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan and Chen Zhenggao, China'sMinister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

In Zhengzhou, Champagne will attend the 2017 China GreenCompanies Summit where he plans to position Canada as a source of"clean-tech" industry.

"As we have these exploratory talks on a possible free-tradeagreement Cheap NFL Jerseys , trying to find areas where we can cooperate together forour mutual benefit is the right thing to do - and that is why Iwant to bring in softwood as part of our discussions," he said.Enditem

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