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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire? The Connection Between Your Favorite Scents
Posted by camillebeckman on November 3rd Nike Air Max 90/1 Sverige , 2018

There’s something about the smell of peppermint, pine, or fresh winter air that brings the holidays to life. We all have memories associated with our favorite holiday smells. For some of us, it’s the memory of decorating the Christmas tree and the aromatic scent of pine. For others, it’s spending time in the kitchen with family and taking in the warm scents of vanilla, clove Nike Air Max 90 Vita Sverige , or cinnamon.

Researchers have looked into this interesting connection in order to better understand how something as simple as the smell of a candle can trigger a complex series of emotional memories. According to Psychology Today, there is a direct anatomic connection between our olfactory bulb, which starts in our nose, and the amygdala and hippocampus, which are areas of our brain associated with memory and emotion.

This connection has been studied extensively by neuroscientists. For example, Psychology Today explains that when study participants encountered the smell of a rose Nike Air Max 90 Blå Sverige , they demonstrated greater activity in the hippocampus and amygdala areas of the brain than when they heard the word “rose” or saw a picture of a rose. These findings, and many others like them, can help us understand that palatable connection between our favorite scents and some of our fondest, most vivid memories.

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Christmas occurs during the growing season of some of the most popular citrus varieties, including navel organs, valencia oranges Nike Air Max 90 Dam Sverige , and blood oranges. Historically, this overlap made oranges and other forms of citrus very popular gifts. Today, the scent of citrus, paired with other holiday spices such as cloves, cranberries, and cinnamon are used to create a cozy holiday ambiance and very powerful memories.

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